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Jim P.

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Hi Bill and all, just wanted to touch base and say Hi. I've been watching the forums almost daily, just not in the mood to post. I had been caring for my Dad until his death from lung cancer in July. Since then I've been busy with his estate.

I also wanted to toot my own horn a little. In the midst of my personal low, this year, cam a personal high as well. Just in time for my Dad to see it, I was published in the ICMJ. I posted it here along with a few extra pictures for those of you who don't get the magazine. http://hometown.aol.com/japdep/myhomepage/index.html

It's freebie AOL POS page so be patient. Scroll down to the green link "Family Prospecting adventures: Pure Gold"

I'm hoping to start getting out again soon, this weather is teasing me. See you all out there. Later...Jim P.

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My heart goes out to you and what you have been through. The article was one that few will forget. When I was taking care of my father in 1988, his desire was to build a finish table for cons. He had this design idea in his head for years so we built it together and he was able to see it in production as we did a 30 ton mill run. He died a week later but saw his dream forfilled. |Our prayers go out to you.


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Great web site really enjoyed seeing and reading the adventures with the kids.

Its hard to describe that "empty" feeling when your dad goes,, I nursed mine thru cancer then a brain tumor 24/7 for months I know how it is.

THANKS for sharing the site.

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Hi Jim...Glad to see you back on board...Great story and pix...I'm sorry to hear about your Dad...I, like others here, lost my Dad this year too from prostate cancer...But, at 89, he had a full life and coached many high school athelets in his long career...You are doing a great thing there with your boys and I am sure they will be telling stories of prospecting with Dad many years from now.... Cheers, Ron

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