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Beeped a couple

Allen in MT

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My last 2 finds were 6 miles apart on 2 different drainages. one weighs .340 grams (GB2) and the other is 2.064 grams(4500). A daya of fresh air, good exercise and some gold, can't beat a day like that.

enjoy and HAGD

Allen in MT Gh.D

Off to the hills where creeks do run.

A man with his shovel, pick and pan.

Yearning for gold, his mind runs wild.

The riches he digs to help his way

of a gentlemans life to live and play.

Reality sets in weeks gone by.

his poke half full his whiskey dry.

He toiled hard to dig his share.

the riches he sought would not be there.

The home he left, his kids and wife

were all the riches he needed in life.

To dream a dream, and conquer the quest

gold is fine, but home is best.

Allen C. Gh.D

geeeeeze I need to get out more


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Howdy Allen.nice nuggets. Are you in Idaho or Ronan Mt. I've been out of touch most of the summer,mostly just fishing. I'm now on Verison Wireless. my new e-mail is hmpitman@gmail.com

Take care Harry

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