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Some Aussie Gold

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Those are some really nice buttery looking nuggets, like Bill, I am also curious about some details, how deep, what coil, etc....... Thanks heaps for sharing.


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G'day all, the bigger bit was only 14" or so but was a very faint signal and was missed by me a few months back with a smaller coil. The Enhance timings really are a mixed bag at times, you would think such a large chunk would boom in. I did check it with Normal timings but the ground was so hot and variable I could'nt pick the signal in amongst the general Ground noise clutter.

I've been experiementing with a large 25" Monoloop, thanks to modern technology these coils can now be swung all day due to the design but are still a handfull so require specific circumstances to work properly. I have also found there is performance boost by reverting to Inverted Signal as the Enhance timings tend to develop a Low/High (WooWee) response on the larger pieces (4 grams and up), with the response inverted they stand out much better (the difference is staggering in some cases with a definate signal in Inverted compared to barely a murmur or no response at all in Normal response mode).

Bill have you seen our new video on the 4500? I assume you know that Doc is now stocking our DVDs in the US? Would love to know what you think of it. :icon_mrgreen:


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Howdy JP,thats thats a nice hunk of gold. I've been spending most of my summer flyfishing for rainbow trout in my home state of Montana. I will get back in the prospecting mode this month. Keep sending the pics. of that pretty Aussie gold.

Take care Harry

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