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Joe For The Gold here,

Been watching the board here and have enjoyed seeing some of you hard core prospectors pulling them out even in the heat.

I plan on firing up the forge again and building some more Hermit Picks for any of you who want them. I found a new type of glue for the handles so hopefully the loose handles will be a thing of the past. What will not change is my craftmanship and the lifetime guarantee.

Give Bill a call or drop him a line if you want one of the best picks made by a prospector for prospectors. For all of you have already purchased a Hermit Pick I appreciate your business and Thank you.

P.S. this is what I have been up to lately BBC (2) Edelbrock 4 barrel carbs, turbo 400, Currie Ford 9" 3:50 Limited slip, 29X15.5/15 tires on American Racing Torque Thrusts

It is tagged and legal (sort of) does 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds 0-100 in about 8 seconds. Wilwood frond disc brakes. I figure a 10 second quarter mile. 2130 lbs of fun. Built form the ground up in the same shop all those Hermit Picks were made.



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Joe: I've missed your posts. Really glad to hear that more Hermits are in the making. Last time at Bill Southern's place I wanted to get the teenie weenie Hermit version you make (like the one that 29 Prospector got from you). With about a 12 inch handle. Please make some of these. I'll buy one for sure. As for the loose handle, it never has bothered me in the least. That high grade nail keeps it from even getting close to falling off. Now glue AND a nail might be best of all.

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Hi Joe I still have my hermit pick and its still gettin the job done---hey just a suggestion-how about welding a square or round ring under the shovel side of the pic to help keep the magnet there :headphones: -Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Hi Rick thanks,

it's a fun little car.

Micro Nugget I can build you a little one if you want. Those things are handy little picks send me a pm and we can get some specs.

Mike C glad that pick is getting it done for you I don't see why a magnet holder couldn't be incoporated into the build. Send me a drawing or something and I will check it out.

David there is an open invitation and you are always welcome. Come out and take the Hot Rod for a spin sometime. I am getting ready to tear it down. The motor is going in to be re-built, new cam, new pistons, valve job, heads worked, new gaskets and seals. I need to paint the frame and the bucket.

Here are some better pictures. http://kerryjezisek.smugmug.com/invite/244...71fb43.95408419


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That project puts the hot in hotrod, nice job.

I bet it's a real eye-opener when you put your foot down.

If I can ever get out from under this family melee I'll take you

up on the invite.


When you put your foot down hard on the loud pedal you experience vertigo, 2nd gear hits you in the back and the ass end gets slideways, bangin into 3rd and you start to get your vision back enough to see the speedometer needle zipping past 100. Can't wait to see what happens after I freshen the motor up a bit

I'm going no place Flak so whenever it's right for you we will get together and have some fun in the Hot Rod or go pay our respects to our good friend R.D. from Indio, Bill and I spoke about an outing to honor R.D. maybe Potholes Bob Martinez would like to join us.


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Hay Joe ! reading your thread here , about your O'bucket , it's all maybe true about driving it , but after riding in it I find this thread , well a "bit" misleading . I would like to take a few of your words , out of contexts, a"quote " or two if you will ; "When you put your foot down ...etc...and when you hit 3rd. , you start to get your vision back" ....well , my experiance riding in that O'bucket is a bit differant , as my "vision" didn't come back untill you "hit" park , and my feet hit the ground!!! Sooo... Flak it's not if Joe's O' bucket is an eye opener, it's more like .....when do you re-open your eye's when going for a ride with Joe ??

Anyway I'm in for this R.D. trip . Hell, if anyone's game , I'd like to find that nest of Flying-Monkeys out there in the Dale , you know the ones that dragged-off O' Tim Mann , it would be nice to shine my boots on there little monkey butts

WEll , let me know Joe ; Blindpig

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