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Earth to John B....Earth to John B....

Dakota Slim

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Come in please. You are wanted over at AZO...


That looks to be a Desert Striped Whipsnake, John will know for sure.........Handsome fella...... :hmmmmmm: The snake that is.............. :;):

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Hi All

Very good Paleface :innocent0002: !! You are fart smeller OOOps I mean smart feller :shrug: !! There are many variations in color and strip patterns depending on area !! Whipsnakes are close relatives to racers and coachwhips !! They have similar diets, bugs ,lizard, other snakes , small rodents and birds. In Southern Az . Sonoran whipsnake occurs at slightly higher elevations than coachwhips and racers around 4500 feet and up. They are harmless , non venomous and quick to bite when molested (just like me) :POsmiley01: . When chased they ,coachwhips and many racers will head up into nearby trees and shrubs . Many years ago an employee bought me a small blue racer at a local pet store for my birthday :nutty: . I kept the little guy in a slide top aquarium. Everytime I had freinds over I would quickly pull him out and hand him to the company :brows: . Within a few monents he would be knawing on their hands or fingers and was instantly flung across the room :yikes: . Then I'ld chase him down and put him away while laughing my ass off :laught16: . I finaly gave him away to a friend who wanted him. I had lots of laughs with him ,now all I have is dino turds I talk people into smelling and licking :innocent0009: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Yea john i agre with hum goda love snakes ;0 :icon_mrgreen: got me a new one my burmese is about 10 foot now just thoring that out there ' :innocent0009: we need toget a vine snake john havent found oen yet

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now all I have is dino turds I talk people into smelling and licking

John B.,

I have to thank you for the idea about licking dino turds. I was in Oregon over the weekend helping on a pay-to-mine trip with Oregongoldtrip.com. I had some of my pseudo-coprolite (false dino turd) from Salmon Creek Washington with me. I was able to convince one of the guests that she would be able to identify it if she licked it. After a bit of persuasion that it was just like licking halite (rock salt) she gave it a try. She knew something was up when we all broke out laughing. If you need anymore dino turds I will have some to give anyway at the Gold Basin outing.

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Hi Casey

Ain't it a hoot :laught16: !!!!! I'm in good shape with a good stock of scumptious dino turds :chowtime: !! I just have to wash the lip and tongue marks off em occasionally :shrug: !! They used to be oder free now they smell like bad breath :Huh_anim]: :laught16::laught16::laught16: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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