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Question------AMDA hunt---

Mike C...

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Hi all I was wondering if the laughlin AMDA coin shoot was still happening and why has'nt anything been posted about it yet like prices and times :innocent0009: --also wondering about that pu$$y coin hunt down in tucson as well--if they collected enough aluninum cans or not to buy some silver for the hunt--if so wheres the info at :tisc-tisc: ---the reason I'm asking is because my toysoro is getting a little ancy and wants to kick some Dfx butt :laught16: -Mike C... :ph34r2:

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mike c. and richs... I'm glad to see this post about the AMDA hunt in Laughlin.

Unfortunately my windows 95 is now dated with earthlink. Thus I have needed to

"upgrade" for several years, but since I mainly use my conputor as a typewriter

and mail out hardcopies I have not done this.

However, I have not been able to open the AMDA information such as the link

richs has posted below... if I try, my earthlink locks up. Freezes. Then I have

to shutdown earthlink and start over...

I called Bernard about 10:30 AM on Friday. We had a nice chat. He is sending

me a paper copy of the hunt schedual. The event seems to be about the same

as over the years past.

The past several years I have only attended the Laughlin AMDA Sunday "main event"

(10:00 AM) and leave right after to be home by Sunday night... Gloria goes

with me to Laughlin. She (we) are the primary baby sitter for one of our great-

granddaughters on Friday and on the following Monday, so time is tight.

However, this time, Bellas mother is on maturnity leave as she now has a baby

brother for Bella. Thus, we may have more time at Laughlin. (Actually, we now

have four great grandchilden. Two girls and two boys.)

I have been attending "planted events" since 1974. There is a small group of us

that like to do this. Sorta like a reunion of old friends.

In the past, back with the Federation, and now the AMDA, we have always stayed

at the River Palms... We (Gloria and I), like to walk along the river and enjoy

the evening "critter" life.

Anyone reading this thread that plans on attending this event, please see me at the

hunt. I like to meet old friends and new... I got nothing to sell but friendship. The

"golden years" are now to relax and smell the flowers... I do not care to find much,

but to try to keep active and enjoy life... As an example, over the 4th of July I

attended my 60th HS class reunion... Ely, Nevada, class of 1948. I drove alone

and did a lot of stopping and detecting for old coins. I found several; but mostly

old rusted iron...

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Upcoming AMDA Events



Welcome to AMDA’s updated Hunt & Events page! Here you can learn about hunts that AMDA will hold, be associated with, as well as other detecting events you may be interested in attending. AMDA hunts are “open” to anyone who can swing a detector, pay the hunt fees, unless otherwise restricted by our Hunt Master. To encourage membership, AMDA members enjoy reduced hunt fees from non-members who wish to hunt.

In discussion last evening, June 7, 2008, with AMDA's Operations Director, Bernard Grabowski, I can report the following Tentative Agenda for the American Metal Detecting Association for the balance of 2008 and early 2009. Some events, as you will note, are in conjunction with the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) Gold Shows:

AMDA's Annual Rendezvous & Treasure Hunt Weekend for Laughlin 2008 is scheduled for October 24, 25, and 26, 2008, in Laughlin, Nevada. The event will be supported by members of the Colorado River Treasure Seekers Club (CRTS) in Bullhead City, Arizona. The hunt site again is located at the corner of Woodbury and Thomas Edison Drives, in Laughlin, approximately 1/2 miles West of Casino Drive. As soon as the hunt flyer is finished, it will be available from either Bernard (916-635-6854 or BGG589@aol.com), myself at (719-749-0134 or cgarrettwc@aol.com) or on our web site at: www.AMDAONLINE.NET.


Mohave Crossing/AVI Indian Casino, 20 miles South of Laughlin, NV - January 24 & 25

Fresno, California Fairgrounds - February 21 & 22

Roseburg, Oregon - March 14 & 15

Spokane, Washington - March 21 & 22

Salem, Oregon Fairgrounds - March 28 & 29

Primm Resorts, Nevada - April (exact dates not known as yet)

Denver, Colorado - May 2 & 3

(Some of the show locations and/or unknown weekend dates will be announced later. The information was passed on to Bernard from Nancy DeFalco at GPAA, thus, any changes in their schedule for 2009 will be passed on to you as soon as we hear them. AMDA is seriously considering hunts at Mohave Crossing, Fresno CA Fairgrounds, Roseburg, OR, Primm, NV and Denver, CO Gold Shows.)

In addition, we have learned that a Gold Show is tentatively scheduled in Anchorage, Alaska at a new Pavilion in the summer of 2010. Since I have family living in Anchorage, it may be possible that AMDA will be there too. Your travel plans there might also include making a trip to look for large gold nuggets in the back country as I did 3 years ago.


Because of the economy and higher price for gasoline and airline costs, you may want to take out trip cancellation insurance if any of the events has to be changed, altered or canceled. AMDA's staff will seek out local hobbyists for field support to limit travel expenses. Additional savings will go to increased number of silver coinage planted in the field and token prizes. AMDA is a service and non-profit organization that operates for the enjoyment of the hobby and metal detecting around the country! Hope you and your friends will continue to support us. Please contact us, if you have questions.

Thanks, Carolyn Garrett, Chairperson

Copy and Past are my best friend sometimes! :whoopie:

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