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Fighting the anti-off road law

Uncle Ron

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That buggy looks like way too much fun!

Here in CA, El Dorado NF has closed numerous off road trails/roads designated for OHV use. Just so happens one of them is a part time closure that is the access to one of my claims. Jerry Hobbs of PLP is currently representing me and a couple of others by suing the Forest Service for their actions. This is a very important precedent setting case, because if we lose, roads all over many National Forests will be going down like falling dominoes. We are into it about 9-10 months now and I am sure it will be a lengthy and costly process. This may be happening in California, but will certainly effect roads all over the West.

If you can spare even a few $$ the PLP is once again having tax deductible raffle with many great prizes as a fund raiser. www.plp2.org

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Signed & Confirmed Last week!

Surprized that more are not jumping on the band wagon on this one??

OK Guys...Check this out and sign the petition to prevent this greenie crap... Go Here Cheers,Yer Unc in the Dubyah
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Surprized that more are not jumping on the band wagon on this one??

Signed and confirmed last week. Also emailed the link to a dozen other guys of which most have signed the petition.

This ban will affect everyone that loves going in the outdoors. This is not just about prospecting. Many of us have friends that go hunting, fishing, and hiking or just enjoy driving our numerous dirt roads. Please email anyone that you can think of the link.

I grew up in an area where all the dirt roads were open and we used them on a daily basis for recreation. Due to the environmentalist and a few people that abused the privileges of these areas being open to the public all the roads have been closed for over 10 years. Once the roads are closed it is very unlikely that they will ever be reopened. The time to act on this is now because complaining after the fact will not work.

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