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John B. Here is one for you

Sean in AZ

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Top of the day to you John,

I know you have been to some crazy places in your searches for gold and meteorites, but I was wondering if you had ever done any prospecting or detecting in Mother Russia. :hmmmmmm:

If your going to get thrown into the Gulag for divulging, "Don't do it Man!" :tisc-tisc:

I was sitting around tonight thinking about my next big destination for the summer and was thinking Alaska, then I thought, why not Siberia in the summer?

As you are a well travelled and colorful individual, you may know a bit about the subject. :innocent0009:

Ever your humble student, :bowdown:

Sean in AZ

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Hi Sean and All

I'm glad your still not mad at me for lettin you lick my dino turd :laught16: !! I have many good friends who have invited me to hunt gold and meteorites in Russia :hmmmmmm: !! Heck these are the same Russian pals that got our asses thrown in jail in Oman :grrr01: !! As much as I like these guys I'm still a little aprehensive of take my ass to Russia :confused0013: . Since one of the national pastimes over there is grabing hostages for ransom :shrug: !! I might not be rich enough for their tastes and the women folks would sure miss me if I was locked in a closet for a few weeks outa the country :smack: !! Besides who would do the bordello inspections while I'm outa the country :flasher: !! If your interested in some huntin Russian style I'll introduce you to some of my Russian Comrads at the next gem show !! :unsure: Happy Huntin John B.

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Not gonna lie John B., if they were kind enough to get you thrown in jail, I think I'll pass.

Guess I will stick to Nugget Hunting Alaska this coming summer.

Sean in AZ

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