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Prospecting the Huachuca mountains


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Finally bought me a decent detector this past weekend.

Looking for recommendations of places around the Huachuca mountains to go prospecting for gold.

I went up to Ash and Miller canyons this past weekend and was not to impressed.

Came away with a bunch of chigger bites that I'm scrathching now as I'm typing this posting. Any advice would be helpful and I'd be indebted to you.



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Hi Race

In 1990 or 91 My X wife and I went up ash canyon to Camp and Beep :unsure: . Arriving in the evening I was up at first light grabbed my beeper and headed upstream :icon_mrgreen: . I passed another tent heading up but no one was awake. :outtahere: Coming back down for lunch passing near the other campsite a fellow came out waving a gun in my face telling me I was hygrading and he was gonna shoot me :tisc-tisc: . I luckily talked my way outa bieng killed and we left :escape: . Several months later I was told he actually shot and killed someone up there and is now in prison :Huh_anim]: . Well since then the coast has cleared I have been back there and found a couple of nuggets :outtahere: . I'm not tooo shure why you aren't impressed :confused0013: ?? Because the area was known for large gold nuggets ( a detectorists dream) :hmmmmmm: !! The sad truth about nugget huntin is to find gold you gotta dig a boat load of trash :grrr01: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Guest goldstudmuffin
The sad truth about nugget huntin is to find gold you gotta dig a boat load of trash :grrr01: !! Happy Huntin John B.

Hi John,

You should get away from the Huachucas, Greaterville and DC once in a while. :scare: You might enjoy not digging cans 2 feet deep. :laught16: There are some placer areas that have little or no trash at all, just gold and meteriotes! :innocent0009:

PS, I hope to collect on a milkshake in a week or two. :chowtime:

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John B. ,

Thanks for the post. I was specifically at the GPAA claim they've got in Ash Canyon. It's a dried up creek bed that's got a lot of trash around.

I went further up the canyon and did a some beeping around there and dug up some lead bullets and aluminum foil.

The area of the claim looks promising because there are a lot of broken milky quartz pieces lying around in that area.

What do you know about any of the other canyons in the Huachuca's, like Miller, Carr, Ramsey, Bear, etc.

On another note, luckily I did not have to contend with any crazies waving guns around this past weekend, but my head is always on a swivel when I'm out prospecting by myself, especially when I'm wearing headphones:headphones:.

Thanks for the info.


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FYI- I noticed that there are a couple of claims for sale on EBAY in this general area. Since I am not familiar with this area, I couldn't tell you if the claims are near any gold bearing areas or not????? Many claims for sale on EBAY are NOT good ones.............so buyer beware!!!

Just an FYI that I recognized the Huachucas in the ad on EBAY. Thought you might be interested in checking it out.

Have a great day!!!!!!

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