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Cargo Muchacho Mountains, SE California


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I am afraid that you will find the best nugget hunting areas are under claim and some of the claim owners are agressive in enforcement, I have a long assoiciation with the area having been employed there when Robert Sangeret, the mining lawyer owned many claims in Jackson Gulch, you might try to contact the current claim owners for permission to detect but it is doubtful that they will consent due to the many claim jumpers, I could direct you to a spot almost guaranteed to produce nuggets but I don't claim jump and don't help others claim jump.

I my opinion you would be better off to join the SPMA: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spma2/files/Membership/

and detect the California Pot Holes cliams, they have 3 , 180 acre claims there and it is just east of the Cargo Muchos a few miles and nuggets are still being found there although it has been heavily worked, no one can get it all. At the Pot Holes the gold is pockety, you find one and there may be several in a 3 square foot area and then nothing sourounding area. Don,t just detect the flats and washes, this gold has not moved very far if at all and may well be on top of a hill as at the bottom, i have found lots of .4 to 4 gram pickers and a few to 1/4 OZ but it is scattered in pockets!

It will be hot this time of year, acess is easy even for 2x2.

good Luck

Has anyone every detected for nuggets around Cargo Muchacho Mountains in SE Calif NW of Yuma. I am going to Yuma soon and would like to communicate with anyone about this area and maybe go out together.
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