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Impact Crater North of Alamo nevada


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Hi All,

I recently had a chance to check out a possible meteorite impact crater North of Alamo, Nevada. In the 1940's a large fireball was witnessed by residents of the area. The crater was found the following day on a mountainside. Anyone knowing my interest in meteorites understands I will take off on a moments notice to spend the day in the field hunting for meteorites. I would say 98 percent of the time alI come home with is a sunburn and an empty lunch bag. I decided to check the crater out and spend a day looking for meteorites.



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If I am not mistaken I was told that there are a couple of these "crater like" features in this area. I also took my jeep out there and tried to detect an area close to this one but a little south. No results, just a couple of tacks and one old bottle cap. Beautiful country tho!

Thanks for this video as it sure brought back a couple of nice memories.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Interesting crater and worth checking out. I too would have been up for a swim after climbing that mountain, clothes and all.


About the fruit of the loom commercial on John B., I have been trying to locate it without success,

could be that the Oman government confiscated it for evidence....... :laught16:


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