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A very close friend was killed in Afganistan this morning. Bruce Hays hand been in country only two weeks and was on patrol near the Afganistan/Pakistan border when he was blown up. No other details are known at this time. He was a civillian in the Wyoming Guard and had to be in the guard as a condition of his employment. He was 37 and leaves a wife and two young children. His wife and parents live in Alamogordo, NM. We would ask for prayers for his family and for others that may have been injured and of course for all of our troops. Thanks Jerry

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Bruce is at peace now in the company of thousands that have given their all so that we may have

the freedom that we all enjoy.....let's do everything we can to keep it that way...Bruce did above

and beyond.....the family he left behind are the ones that suffer the most...my prayers are with


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Another Brother in Arms Dies but will never be forgotten. He has joined another Band of Brothers now who will stand guard 24/7 over us all. May he RIP!

Jerry our heart felt prayers go out to you, your family and his.


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I've been working with Bruce for the past 7 or 8 years at the Wyoming Army National Guard. Like Bruce was, at least in his professional life, I deal with computers everyday. Tonite I sat down and did a search for him on Google (the modern oracle of Delphi) and I found this listing. I've never prospected for anything aside for information, but finding this thread is more precious to me than anything.

I don't know any of you, and most aside from Jerry didn't know Bruce... and Jerry I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances, but I do want to share a few things here that I've no other outlet for. Everyone at my work of course feels this loss and everyone who cares to learn more will be able to find out what type of soldier Bruce was.

I want to tell you my impressions of what kind of man he was. Save for my Father I've never met a man I've looked up to in such a way. Though we were peers in the office for the most part not a day went by that you wouldn't hear me say "Hey Bruce? Ummmm what do you think about this?" He would roll his eyes and say something flippant with a smile on his face and then of course tell me what I was looking for. His wit was matched by his intelligence, but trying to get at the heart of what I want to say is hard.

Searching for the words is hard. Effective is to cold and doesn't quite encompass everything but it's a good start. He didn't seem to waste time. I get home and I just decompress. Bruce would share stories about the time he would spend with his daughter (teaching her binary and hex... dude I'm not even joking he was a -true- geek at heart) He called his youngest "Enthropy" because they would put things away and she would pull them back out. Order tends towards disorder.

The family he leaves behind is actually three daughter and two sons. While only two are biologically his I know from the way he worried, rejoiced, suffered... that Al, Jon, and Ginny were just as much family as his own flesh and blood Bethany and Eleanor. That being said they would all agree I think that Bethany was his best friend. I don't even have words for how I feel for her. No Father has ever been more loving and no daughter more deserving. It will be very hard for her and my heart and prayers will always go out to her.

Forgive me please I'm being very selfish in my post. It's very cathartic for me to write these words and try to impress on you all the depth of our loss. Bruce was truely a great man in his own humble ways he did everything the way a man should. He cared for his family, his job, his god, and his country and he made it look easy. While every loss, no matter the circumstances, is great to those closest to it my feeling, my belief, is that as a species we are poorer by the loss of this one man.

I'm being selfish again and as a sad footnote to an already depressing situation my thoughts go to the other three soldiers that were in the vehicle with Bruce and were also killed by the IDE. I didn't know them, I've not even heard their names yet. It's quite possible that all of their families have not been notified and hence why the only reference I could find when Googling was this blog-thread. I do think about them now though and their families.

Thank you for bearing witness to my ramblings. They are from the heart and I wanted to stand up and be heard. Please forgive one last selfish thing. I would sign this with my name so you would all know who I am, but Google scares the hell out of me :) you can find -anything- on it so I don't like spraying my real name on the internet if it can be avoided. I'll check back in here a couple of times and who knows maybe I'll dig out my metal detector that I got from my Grandpa years ago and take up the hobby.

Signed Respectfully,

John G.

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John G. it is so sad that we meet in this way. What you say about Bruce is so true and has always been true thru his formative years. I have known his family since he was a child and treasure your thoughts about Bruce. It is true about his other children and I should have mentioned them out of respect for Bruce and his family. I also pray for the other soldiers lost and their familys as I do all those serving at this time. I truly thank you for taking time to express your thoughts. I will pm you with my email and phone number so that I might be able to talk to you. Jerry

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