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I broke my record

Allen in MT

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Was out for a bit but didn't go at it to hard I was playing whith the GB2 w/ 6" coil and got the top 4 pieces. The smallest weighed in at a whopping .014 grams and had to hold my tongue and cock my head just right to hear and get it. and my previous smallest was a .024 grams. The bottom 2 were found with the 4500 w/ little joey coil. .056 & .068 grams

Total weight of the 6 is .550 grams

enjoy & HAGD

Allen in MT Gh.D


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Great job Allen, especially on the "little guy". This just shows us that you are "really" listening for them gold sounds.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Very nice. Gets me all excited and makes me want to get out there with my GB2 again. :icon_mrgreen:

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Good Job Allen!

My :twocents: is that the Goldbug 2 is and was responsible for a very large amount of gold, just ask Goldfinger sometime how much he found with one :whoopie:

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That small 6" coil has given my friends a chuckle or two--till the days end when I get the most gold--of almost any size :icon_mrgreen: tons a au 2 u 2-John I heard a rumor the 6" coil is no longer going to be available????

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