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LSD Got Slammed

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...LSD got hit hard by the monsoon this week...The old Phoenix-Wickenburg road is toast beyond Ox Wash...San Domingo Wash looks like no human was ever there and LSD has some trails and roads wiped out...Really moved some ground around in some washes...Certain parts of LSD wash looks like the water crested at over five feet, judging by the debris in the trees and brush...IT was fun being the first person over the ground after the monsoon...But it didn't put any nuggies in my poke... :angry-smiley-010: ...Cheers, Unc

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Yes indeed and the water was running 10 feet deep in the wash behind my rental house on the edge of LSD wash the ground was shaking above the wash as the water thundered by. Had the poor folks living there thinking the house was doomed :ROFL:


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Hey there Buddy! :innocent0002: Could you please do me a favor and send me directions to come hang out with you .... :innocent0009: then of course the loan of a high quality detector and the 50-50 split would insure my continued slavery until the new gold runs out LOL. :icon_mrgreen: Sorry had to post a request on behalf of a seminewb to a pro for the sake of all of those out there who are suffering because of your horribly :laught16: good luck!

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I was there! I finally got moved to Morristown about 2 hours before the storm hit, I haven't saw rain like that in years, the roads in the RV park were 6 inches deep in water and its on top of a hill!!

I could not see the washes or even 20 feet away from my MH for 45 minutes!

My 4X4 is still in Yuma so I can't go and see the conditions at LSD, I am still getting settled in for the winter in the RV park and there are some prospectors here already for the winter and it looks good if it gets more flash floods like that one!

Give me a PM if you are going to be in the area.


PS: The snakes are out at night, 3 in one afternoon about dark. (In the Park!)

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