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This was news to me! Imagine all the spare tires that have been in trunks for years not to mention all the low mileage drivers who have the original tires on their 6+ years old cars... Thanks for the headsup!

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Kamikaze and all...here's something else I learned many years ago about new tires...when a tire

is manufactured it should have only one small ridge on the inside of the tire where the two ends of

the rubber came together and then it is baked in place....on many tires they put pieces left over

into a tire ....so when you buy new tires run your hand slowly around the entire tire on the inside

to check for more than one "ridge"...if it has more than one reject it...it's weaker and is more

difficult to balance....sure does piss off the tire dealer but then it's not his money or life riding on

the new tires.....

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And then add in the weight factor. The heavier the load (weight per tire) the more heat generated and the sooner that tire will fail. With 30 years experience driving motorhomes I have developed a hard and fast rule. Change the tires when they reach that 5 year mark. And it's not that easy of a thing to do. I just replaced the tires on my coach at 5 years with 77,000 miles and the tread would have been good to at least 100,000 thousand. Not a cheap thing to do either, 8 tires at $400 each plus tax, FET, tire disposal fee, etc.

But over the years I have seen the damage that occurs when one of the older tires just gives and blows. By the time you replace the holding tank or water tank that the tire took out as it was coming apart and then the fiberglass work on the side panel that was damaged and the paint job, all in all, much cheaper to just bite the bullet and change the tires at the proper intervals.

And that's if the driver managed to keep it in his own lane and not hit any other vehicles.

As much as I detest government regulations, obstructions and intrusions into my private life, where they try to protect us from ourselves from diaper to grave, I wouldn't be too upset with a federal regulation that prevented tire dealers from selling tires over a certain age. But like everything else, the cost of tires would have to go up to make up for the lost revenue on the out of date tires that the dealers would have to dump. Probably wouldn't be a total loss because they would probably sell them off to dealers in Mexico.

Tom G

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