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A little help here?

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Recently enjoyed a nice long leave before my upcoming deployment back in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I came across a couple possible meteorites while relic hunting. (I always look for meteorites no matter where I go, even in parking lots!) I was out hunting for points mostly, but meteorites are my passion. I just don't have any deserts to hunt, but I try and make do here in North Carolina, and indiana when I am there.

This first one is littered with olivine, and almost appears to have a shiny black crust. Any rockhounds out here with thoughts? I doubt it is a meteorite, but the white matrix with the surrounding green olivine and possible black crust made me pick it up. The white matrix looks rough but is actually polished flat.


This second one appears to be an iron. It was picked up in a soybean field, and I'm not going to waste time posting photos of the whole iron, but rather just the window I benchground into it.


This last one is the main reason I've posted this here. I've never seen anything like it. It was found along with several of the same stones littering a different field, and many of them fit together at one time, although they are too weathered to fit perfect anymore meaning the break is somewhat old. I was hoping some other rockhound here could ID this particular stone, and hopefully say it could be a meteorite! The window has been wet down to show color as the stone is still dirty from the field. But it is a grey and black stone with a mostly black matrix, except for all the crosshatching white material similar to some angrites and martians I have seen. (I know it is neither of these) But some of the black matrix reflects back light the same as shiny metal but it is low to nonmagnetic.


Thanks for taking the time to look, and/or comment!


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Hello Rocco,

As usual, it is really hard to tell from the pictures whether any of your suspect stones are possibly meteoric. Definitive answers probably should be made with a closer look.

My first impression is that none of the stones are meteorites, but looking at a picture and guessing, is not the proper way to get an absolute answer. Weathering of a specimen can fool anyone. Fusion crust can be totally weathered away, or in the case of a fragment, non-existant.

That being said, have them looked at by someone in your area to be definitive. Some stones are easy to look at and identify as a meteorite with about 95% certainty. The most important 5% is when they are actually classified by a lab.

Good Hunting :twocents:

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