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gas or diesel

ron l.

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I'm certainly no authority but here's my opinion...all my adult life I drove pick-ups with gas

engines....then in 1996 bought my first diesel...loved it...won't ever go back to gas...one reason

is no plugs...plug wires...distributors...and the motor will last three times longer than a gas motor..

won't drown out in water.....good power and economy but no jack rabbit starts...bad points are diesel

burns dirty...change those filter and the oil when recommended...runs louder than a gas motor...

in extreme cold weather needs a heater...most gas motors would also benefit from heaters....and

yes they do cost more...in my opinion worth the extra cost....

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Ron I drive an 06 duramax 3/4 ton crewcab and love it. I switched back to gas (6000chev v8) for diesel and it did not have the power and I am glad to be back to diesel. I change the oil and filters every 10,000 miles. I get 20 mpg on the highway. I pull a 15,000 gvw trailer and have more power than I need with a stock unmodified diesel, although my friend has a duramax dually and can blow my socks off with a 30hp chip. I really like the diesel and would not change back. Jerry

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note that not all diesels are the same

the Cummings in the Dodge is the best for pickups

the Mercedes 617 (5 cylinder turbo) seems to be the best for cars, the newer ones as yet unproven

I've had 4 300SDs and other than a failed vacuum pump in one, which I replaced, never had an engine problem; normal maitenance aside (ck/adj valves @ 20,000 mi). I'm now at 200,000 mi on 2 of them and as a preventative step should replace the timing chain and rebuild the injectors. 20 mpg for a 3800# car with my foot in it ain't too bad for 25 yr old technology.


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thanks much for the in-put, does the same go for prospecting in different area's? sorry for late response, was unable to get back sooner. thanks much for all your opionions

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Old school v. new school .Back in the day of points , plugs and condensers gas ruled . Any gas station mech as well as everybody I knew could get it fixed and on the road again even just to get home . Diesel was a different story . It confused many people and parts were not right on the shelf or even at the parts store . After doing tune-ups many of us would save the old parts just in case we had a failure on the road . Now jump to the future . When your gas engine dies all you accomplish by lifting the hood is showing your a$$ . Not only don't most guys know what to check for even if I told you what part failed you probably don't have one with you . Now diesel will outlast gas by a wide margin BUT when it stops you will have a problem . Nowadays diesel also has a bunch of electronic stuff that will baffle all but the most savvy . Bottom line: Go with diesel and do the maintainance like you should . Carry filters and BTW 2 inline filters wouldn't hurt . Having a partner out there with you will also help if trouble strikes .

I have heard but cannot verify the following . Maybe someone can . If you call AAA with a problem and you are off "the beaten path" you have 2 options . Pay high dollar even if you're a member since most don't go off road OR have someone that can flat tow you to a road where AAA will hook you and drag you home . I have the optional 100 mile tow deal with them . Hope this helps .

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thanks paratrooper for good insight and about getting stuck in parts unkown and what to expect.i thought that maybe some people would not diesel for prospecting because everybody would that you are coming their way[ smile].

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