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Yesterday, my friend Vern and I wanted to get an early start as the temps were forecast for the triple digits. I arrived at the patch at 6 am on a beautiful, cloudless morning. The temp was already almost 70 degrees so we had better get started. A good friend had told me that 3 small nuggets had been recently recovered in the general area of a draw that I was interested in. Lacking a good VLF I bolted on an eight inch mono on my 3500. I was planning on detecting an area that had been ground-sluiced in the old days. There were a few dig holes scattered around but the draw has a lot of Manzanita in it so therefore hadn't been hit too hard. I groomed just enough brush to grid the area I had decided to start on. After an hour and a half of digging trash I got a quiet, sweet signal near another dig hole. At ten inches the target was out of the hole. When a coin popped out of the last of the dirt in my scoop I wasn't even thinking of the age of it. I was just happy it was something other than lead. A little spit and a wipe on the shirt and to my utter surprise it was 1855 Seated Liberty dime. After I recovered from the shock I shut off my detector and went to show Vern. When he saw what I had found, well I wouldn't say his eyes bugged out but he was astounded and delighted for me. As we finished off the day at noon the temp was around 100 degrees but Vern managed to snag a sweet nugget of .65 gram that I think looks like a bird of prey. we were two happy miners as we headed for the liquid refreshments.




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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

Neet find, what did you use to clean off the black oxidation. MY 1887 Silver dollar belt buckle will turn black in just three years!

I once asked why it was that I found nuggets, but no old silver or gold coins? I was told that the old prospectors were mostly broke ! :laught16:


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This dime was a very special find for me. I would never think of parting with it. I enjoy the historical aspect, just wondering who had it and what their story was and how they came to lose it there. I had previously been skunked for 5 days in the coastal mountains of Southern Oregon. I thought I would see what I could do closer to home but the mountains are steep and the brush very thick. After researching some rich areas and doing my due diligence I set out with high hopes but 5 days later, seriously scratched and dented but not broken I set my sights on Northern California. I was riding a three day skunk there when I found that little beauty.

Potholes Bob- All I used to clean the Dime was water, nothing else.

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Congratulations on a super find.

I have found a couple almost slicked seated dimes in my days, but never one as nice as that one.

That is one sweet find, one that does not happen very often. Kinda makes up for the 3 day skunk that you had going.


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