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nate back!!!

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Hi all its been a wile well ever4since i lost my ride well xcrased my ride taken me this long to get one back but im back and i plan on hitting up gb olr fracona soon thats right guys :) so not this week end but soon we should plain on getting tout there ;0 shoot me a holler guys

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Welcome back Nate! It just so happens you missed the downtime of the season.

Hey who all is going to the NS outing here? Ben are you coming? How about The Kid? Nate? I'm sure John's coming, how about you Rick?


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Hi Del,

I'm waiting for the next work schedule to come out but, tentatively we'll be there. Erik gets the screws out of his ankle on the 18th and then he's a free man again. I hope this time, I'll be able to finish my steak before the hurricane lands.


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