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Detector Interference

Guest Potholes Bob-NM

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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

I haven't heard much about this problem for a few years now, and I believe that the relief is mainly due to the extremely low sunspot activity that is now prevalent in the Sun's 11 year cycle.

I think that operation of our metal detectors to near to a flight path( altitude detecting radar on aircraft), or near a cellular phone or radar antenna tower, or under very high voltage interstate power transmission lines, will still raise hell with our PI Minelab detectors.

Are the new Minelabs still bothered by this old problem? It seemed that during the last sunspot cycle peak five years ago, that this subject was constantly appearing on the boards!



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Minelab has pretty much eliminated this trouble now Bob and we can even detect within speaking distance of each other with small coils on the newer units. I rarely ever hear any interference from jets or planes either.

Power lines can still be an issue as well as lightning, but otherwise these new machines just purr right along with a VERY stable threshold allowing me to hear the faintest of whispers.

Cheers, Bill

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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

That sounds great Bill!

I recall that there was a "special" coil that one could buy for detecting under power lines, but I think that it cut down on overall sensitivity?

I recall areas where I couldn't get within 200 Ft either side of those lines, and had to leave huge areas of very rich ground undetected! :icon_mrgreen:


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