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Jim B

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Hi All

Vic and I are in the RV park at Mill City, Nevada. We plan to stay until the weather chases us south. Anyone in the area that wants to hook up, give a holler. In this day and age if we can car-pool, it helps.

Jim B

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Jim B... If you see Dick Bailey give him a Howdy from me. Also, the

Trading Post sells the ICMJ and if you haven't seen a photo of the nugget

that the late Jim Malone found a few years ago, a photo of it can be

seen on pg. 31 of the September ICMJ. However, it was on display at the

Trading Post just after Jim found it. Likely there are photos of it on display

at the Post. Best wishes in a successful outing. "Tailgate."

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Hi Jim,

This spring when I visited the Trading Post, the gal there told me that people stole the photos of Jims

nugget, along with some other photos of artifacts found in the area.

BUT, if you ask the gal there real nice, she will show you an album containing nice gold finds in the area.

But if you aren't nice, she is big enough to whip just about anybody...


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Hi Jim B. I'm over at Rye Patch, about 11 miles out from the Oasis or about 18 miles out from Imlay. They just graded some of the road from Imlay.

Jim S, I had a pizza and a few beers with Dick a couple days ago. He had a good day :icon_mrgreen: . If I see him again I'll say hi for you.

Largo, I know exactly what you mean. Dusty over there at the Trading Post is a real piece of work. You can be nice and still get beat up. :laught16:

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