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3 Gold Basin Nuggettes

frank c

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Notice the one on the upper left in the shape of a CROSS. These were found on my trip a week ago when I lost my prospecting buddy to a heart attack. . I could'nt bring myself to post my finds at that time.

I could not tell one was cross shaped until today when I used the macro setting to photograph them STRANGE BUT TRUE.



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And the bottom piece looks like something holding a baby? just first glance.

A very active member at my gym died last week he was 38 , in his sleep also I NEVER would have thought a guy in the great a shape as he was in would have gone that way but it happens.

Hang in there and when you go out prospecting do it in his memory, just never know he might bring you some luck from the heavens Frank.

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Fred .......The G.M.T. I havent touched a dry washer for about a year or so. My brain is becomming a D C current path.

I hope all is well with you and Jeff.

Hapy Huntn

Oh by the way are the two of you going to make the October outing in G.B. ???

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Well done, Frank...nice gold and nice meteorite. I hope your friend had some good luck before he moved on to the Great Prospect in the Sky...

I haven't decided yet about Gold basin, it is a frustrating place for me. Yet, I do enjoy seeing so many of my forum friends...not to mention feeding the scurvey lot breakfast!


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Nice nuggets Fred!

I have yet to find a gold nugget in Gold Basin just them darn meteorites. :Huh_anim]:

Glad to see the GMT is still producing out there so I just may have to take a whack at them nuggies again soon.

Aloha and be safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

BTW, Happy Birthday young fellow! :woohoo:

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Kaimi and Colin...you did mean Frank...

but I know Frank has been called Fred and I have been called Frank many times...but dang-it Frank found more Gold basin Nuggets not poor little me....


Sorry Frank but just looking at the nuggies and knowing they are from GB got me flustered.

Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi

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