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First detected gold


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:whoopie: This is my first gold with my GB2. Found in tailing piles. I couldn't even see the gold when I detected it. I just stuck it in my pocket with all the other things then when I got to the car I did the spit test and saw a speck. When I got home I broke part of the rock away to expose the outer edge of what i think is a bowl shaped peice of gold. Can't wait to go over those tailings more carefully soon.

I worded that wrong... I know it's gold. I think it's bowl shaped


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Nope, hardrock hole. Not very big but there was gold there. Sometimes I wonder about the smaller holes because I think maybe they sampled and didn't find anything so they stopped. However the gold has been found.

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Thanks for the detector bud! You sent me a winner! Didn't you know it had Voodoo and whispered to you where to look?

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