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John B.

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Hi All

A few days ago my friend Twink Monrad called me and asked if I could come by and identify some gold nuggets and gold quartz pieces she recieved from Jim Kriegh's estate. Jim and I were hunting partners for many years and I helped him along in his early detecting days. Both Jim and I made some very interesting discoveries and travels as a team. Jim's Son and Daughter were very genorous and gave Twink a flat of various gold species and nuggets. Most were from our hunts in Greaterville, Dripping Springs, Gold Basin and assorted other southern Az spots and easy to ID. Many brought back many fond memories as I told Twink where and how Jimmy made his finds. A nice 3/4 ouncer was Jims first nugget find the day I met him and thought I should keep a watchful eye over this newbe old guy. I thought Jimmy was gonna have a stroke when he found it and he was instantly hooked on our beloved hobby. As most of you know the thrill and excitement of your first gold nugget find, it was a thrill to be right there and share that small moment in time with him. Jim was a real soft spoken gentlemanly type and over the years I could count the swear words that left his lips with the fingers on one hand. I remember a few of his holy crap nuggets although he never called them that. OH MY were the words of his choice and when I heard those words I knew he got a whopper !! We really were the odd couple out there in the gold fields and strewnfields but we really enjoyed each others company and sence of humor. I just thought I'ld share this with you all, Jim you are missed by many ?? Happy Huntin John B.

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