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Anybody shooting Calaveras County

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Well, I just recently moved from Weaverville to Stockton and I'm itching to get out into the Mother Lode, being that I'm currently unemployed, and have my GPX with me. :icon_mrgreen:

I'm wondering if there is there anybody on this board who is shooting the area and possibly looking for company or can help me narrow down my areas of exploration. :confused0013:

Previously, I was doing some shooting with TrinityAu around Redding, picked up a number of skills from doing that, and found lots of historical items, yet got skunked on any gold. Seen good gold pulled right out next to where I was, but for some reason, I found lots of blackpowder shot, which is cool, but no gold. Mostly what I learned was what to look for geologically on the ground.

For my research, I'm using USGS MRDS mine site locations, a geology map, and federal lands overlays on Google Earth (yes, I am a mapper, its part of what I do professionally). I've also been reading up on the history of the area to track down locations. There also seems to be a lot of private lands or NRAs (darn NRAs, nuggetshooting is recreation!), though, some of what is shown as federal land on a map with potential, in most cases, was fenced off. :Huh_anim]:

I do have a BLM map coming to me via snail mail for the San Andreas region which should help.

From what I can find, there are three belts within the area corresponding with faults, of note the Mokelumne that Highway 49 runs along. But I'm also interested in the western belt, being that its closest.

Also, I'm also concerned about, how to put this, dangers in the woods such a Mexican Nationals and the like with their drug trade. I'm not sure about the area, but I know that in Trinity County this time of year, one needs to not only be careful about where one goes, but also be armed and know how to use it as per the Sheriff's advisory. Anybody know of any such problems in Calaveras?

So if you can help, please respond. You don't need to tell me the exact location of your patch, just generalities if you so desire. Thanks!

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I sent you a PM, telling you to get a PM to Iron Mike, he may have more info on that area, its not my teritory, and I don't know to much about it. But someone will jump in and help. Grubstake

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NCJOSH,I'm in Angel's Camp,Calaveras County,an hour from Stocton.First off get the mines and minerals report of Calaveras County,Report#2.A good portion of the BLM ground in the county is surrounded by private property,therefore you've no access unless a bordering land owner let's you in.Even if you know people it's a tough go.In the western part of the county,closest to you,say Jenny lind,Milton,Valley Springs,Campo Seco and Moke Hill the old dredge piles might be the best bet if you can get on the land.I don 't beep,just quartz vein gold sampling and my areas have been over run by beepers the last 5 years.If you do alot of research at the BLM in Sacramento and the Calaveras county seat in San Andreas assesors office you might find open ground.A couple of very succesfull beepoers in this county who mostly outlaw from what I know.If you want to BS gold stuff some time I'm at the Rodz grille coffee shop every morning (early) and would be happy to provide any info I can,but have no spots for you to work.........Dave

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