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Ultimate Coil Cover Tape

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...we all have looked for the best way of holding and sealing the covers to our coils...I finally found it...Gorilla Tape!!! Awesome stuff! ...Here's the link:

Gorilla Tape...Cheers, Unc


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Funny you guys should mention gorilla tape. I tried using it once but rejected the idea once I kept on finding all kinds of very fine crap in the small folds of the tape. Went back to the silicone idea and havn't looked back since. If you just take the time to apply the silicone carefully you should have no troubles at all with a very good seal keep all kinds of stuff from entering the gap between the coil and cover. But then again its just my :twocents: !


Stan aka Kaimi

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That sounds like a good solution.

For now I am sticking to no coil cover

and using Grubstake's method of spreading a layer of 2-part epoxy over the

bottom half of the coil. If you smooth it with a damp

fingertip while it is still moist and then sand it when it is dry

it makes a bullet proof protection layer for the coil.

All the best,


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Yeah, Flak, but then the coil nazi's will come out and shoot you behind the ear in your sleep for no coil cover...Believe me, this happens more than anyone knows...$25 for 25-cents worth of plastic??????...You be treading dangerous ground there, Bro..... :laught16::laught16::laught16: ...Cheers, Unc

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"To each his own"......"different strokes for different folks"...."if the train ain't broke don't fix it"....

from great experiments come great ideas....for example who would have ever thought something

like the "hipstick" was such a good idea....instead it was a fantastic invention.....

I'm like Kaimi...a good solid seam of silicone inside of the coil cover without air bubbles or breaks

in the seam....install the skid plate making sure no holes in the silicone that gets squeezed out....

add clamps for 24 hrs and you have protection that last for years...no dirt or water inside...


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