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Gentlemen, Thank You

frank c

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post-562-1219859297_thumb.jpgA Heartfelt Thanks to all of you who took the time to view and comment on the Sad News/ Gold Basin post.

Roberts wife now has a link to it and she was extremely grateful to have it.

Each one of you deserves a Blessing for taking the time to view the post.

Hapy Huntn to ALL

Sincerly, Frank Camp

Golden Valley AZ.

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Frank...hope you don't mind me touching up the photo a bit....Robert had a nice set-up and the

right idea of working at night.....

Hi All, I vote we have a special quiet moment at the october outing for a lost brother. I don`t know if I`ve seen any of you at Gold Basin, but I`ve been there often over the last few years. I live in meadview and when gas went sky high I had to look closer to home. In the 5 years that I`ve been looking for that yellow stuff, I`ve meet a lot of people. Never ever a bad one in the bunch. I think the bad ones would`nt work that hard. My heart goes out to those whom lost a loved one, and a very special person in my book. love you all, and hope to see you in Gold Basin

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Hi Garimpo,

I wonder if you can see that your touch up's

show up on the forum as a bit overexposed...

I am big into photoshop and like a "punchy" photo (:hmmmmmm: ).

fwiw, and you know this is no complaint just an observation.

Guess I had to have something to do while I'm waiting

for the coffee to die down so I can get to bed. :coffeetime:

All the best,



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