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Sad News / Gold Basin Trip

frank c

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As the ultimate powers would have it our trip on friday/ saturday to the basin was a sad one.

The begining went very well when we arrived around 5 pm fri., I brought my buddy to an area where there was gold to be found, I detected 2 pieces . As he was still learning the new G.M.T. he recently purchased I stopped frequently to help him with tuning and his questions. Robert did'nt find anything but was enjoying himself for sure. He became more excited every time I found a piece of gold.

We only had a short time till the sun was setting from when we arrived at G.B.

Then it was time to drive to his favorite spot where he wanted to camp and had found alot of fine gold from his hard work the past couple of seasons.

Robert had equipped his pickup with nightlights and was used to tearing up the ground and screening the dirt then he'd toss it in the drywasher, then pan it and revel at the color he was finding.

He did'nt work very long after we had arrived and set up, he choose to sit at the table an chairs I had setup and we drank some fresh brewed coffee and talked about the stars an watched for shooting stars.

We had some really good laughs as I was eating a cold cut sandwich an chasin it with potato chips, He kept trying to make me eat some of these Quaker Oats mini rice cakes he had grown accustomed too as he was watching his weight, I did'nt want any as I had known the taste of them before and rather choose to eat the fattening potato chips, Well he would'nt accept this and kept needleing me to "MAN UP" an try these !!!! untill IT STARTED TO MAKE US BOTH BREAK OUT WITH LAUGHTER then I took one from the bag and ate it saying oh yeah these are good I'd buy them, yeah sure!!

It was just a small part of the evening with his needleing me and then both of us breaking out laughing about it. But its a conversation along with the rest of our small talk I won't soon forget, for when I tried to wake Robert the next morning in his truck he was no longer with us.

It turned out to be a long Saturday morning for me from daybreak on waiting for E. M. T.'s' the Sheriffs, an the County Coroner, But the worst part that would'nt stop running thru my brain was we were leaving early Sat. morning so he could be back for his little boys soccer game at noon.

Robert Doherty was the most PLEASANT person I ever knew in my life. In the 3 years we shared a friendship together I only know of one instance he became riled up and boysterous, and it was well deserved at the time. He was always calm ,pleasant, and a pleasure to share time with.

I realize only a few people on this forum knew Robert , as most of you did'nt. He made the October outing last year for the first time and was looking foward to being there a second time this October.

He was a member of the Mohave Prospectors Club in Kingman.

Robert was very involved in prospecting it was a passion for him he sincerly enjoyed.

And from the bottom of my heart I feel he deserves more mention as a human to be remembered than this few paragraphs I have compiled. But its all I can do as he left the rest of us here to keep up the fight.

This years October Memorial Outing will be a SPECIAL one for me.

Thanks for reading this and listening to me ramble on. :coffeetime:

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I am very sorry about the passing of your good friend, Frank....My condolences to you and Robert's family...Unc

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss of a good friend and prospector. |Our prayers are with you and his family. We will all take time this year to remember him and his family.


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For me, the loss of any one of our number always hurts in a special way. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, Frank. The circumstances you describe make it all the sadder still.

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Frank that is a tough one.

I am sure he must have been very happy to be spending his time with you.

I am also glad you were with him to make sure everything was done

right for him.

I hope you are doing ok, to lose a friend like Robert

must be an indescribable experience.

Best wishes,


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Frank it's always a sad day when a good friend goes on that final journey that we all must take

one day....Robert was lucky to have a good friend of three years on his last day..sharing your

friefndship...laughs...you gave him what I hope I have when it's my time for that journey...

no pain ...no suffering....a peaceful departure from this life with a dear friend close by....

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Wow What a story, what a sad way to end a memorable weekend. It is situations like this that makes one think of the special times that have been had in the past and to remind us that this can happen at any moment.

Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Robert

allen in MT Gh.D

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