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Coiltek goldstalker 14 E mono vs nuggetfinder 14 E mono--opinions---???

Mike C...

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I would like a little feed back from anyone whos owned both of these coils--which one did you like better--depth-sensitivity--I have one of the original NF 14 E mono coils and have done darn good with it but I've been curious about the new goldstalker series---and I don't want to dish out 4+ hundred dollars :WOW: for something that is'nt any better than my good old trusty NF :headphones: --any feed back would be much appreciated :twocents: -Thanks-Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Hi Mike,

I own both coils and although I have not hunted extensively with the Goldstalker,

I like it better.

This is entirely subjective, but here is my small list of reasons;

It doesn't false as much...(it DOES false, just not as much).

To me, and this is where subjective applies, it seems a touch more sensitive than the NF,

this is not to imply anything more than that...a wee bit, but I think it's there.

I like the way the coil is built. It's solid, it's not heavy...perhaps a very small bit heavier than the NF

but I haven't measured them so again, an impression (I use a Hipstick so nothing is heavy to me).

I like the color...how's that for a reason?

All this with a 4500.

My suggestion would be to wait.

You're an experienced hunter, you know the coil you're using.

When you find that next big nugget that you have to roll to your truck,

maybe think about it then.

All the best,


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Mike, My main coil since I got it was the old fiberglass NF 14" EM (also have the NF17"EM). I have others, but always go back to the NF14"EM. I recently bought the Coiltec 14" EM and have used it 4-5 times, and have no real issues w/ it. In an open area, I would probably use the goldstalker, but in brushy areas, to get amongst the roots- I don't think you can beat that narrow NF'r!. NF is 7 1/2" wide, Coiltec is 9" wide; not alot, but can make a difference.

I've abused both NF coils and there were several times, I thought they were falsing or starting to fail. Between operator error, terrible ground conditions (actually good), and a couple of problems with the detectors (Minelab corrected), I don't think there was any problem with coils.

At this point, I can't say one is better than the other (except for size), so I'm not helping you any, just rambling on :ROFL::ROFL:


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Hi Shep and Flak thanks for the feedback--I gather from what your both saying is not much differance at all except about $60.00 + differance-coiltek being on the high side :tisc-tisc: I guess its like fords and chevys to each his own--unless I can find a good used one-goldstalker at a good price I'll just stick to my old style NF 14 e fiberglass mono that I've had for 3-4 years now without any problems :headphones: -Thanks-Mike C... :ph34r2:

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To be fair - because that is important to all of us,

I do like the way NF coils are manufactured,

I have never had a problem with any of them

or any of my Coiltek's either for that matter.

(I own three Coiltek and three NF coils

as well as the stock ML coil).

Now if I could only get the detecting time

to warrent having all these coils

I'd be really happy :laught16:


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Hello Mike C.......I probably use a coil more than anybody on this forum....although lately I've

been a little lazy....I use Coiltek and NF....for the last three years the NF 17" El. mono has been

my main coil of choice....found a lot of gold with that puppy but when I sold my GP Ext. three

weeks ago I let the NF go with the machine ( I screwed up) should have kept the NF 17"....

but now I've been experimenting with the Coiltek Goldstalkers...both the 14" and 19" mono's...

like Flak I use a "hipstick" or I don't go....so the weight isn't a factor....I "think" the NF 17" is

a little lighter a coil...but then the Coiltek is a 19" which would make it weigh a little more....

I do like the way the NF coils are constructed....never had a crack in the support brackets yet...

can't say that for the Coiltek's....after heavy use the brackets will develop a crack in the supports

....I'm talking about their coils that were made three and four years ago....don't know that much

yet about the Goldstalkers....I have found some nice gold with the 19" mono....because I use

the larger coils more than the small ones.....

I believe you have the right idea...stick with what you've got until you can find a steal on a nearly

new Goldstalker...

Poor Flak....remember while doing your taxi duties you have AC....in the desert NOT.....

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