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My Annual Meteorite Sphere Collection Update

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I am very proud to report that I was able to add 8 spheres to my collection this year :)

When I started this collection in May of 2006 I never dreamed I would own many of the specimens I have. I could have collected slices or end cuts which is what most people focus on but I decided to collect spheres, more specifically, 50mm spheres. At first, this condition seem to make it very difficult to add new specimens to my shelf. Now, here it is 2 years later and I have most of the specimens I never thought I would have such as the Brahin, Toluca, Dronino, Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule and the Libyan Glass. Plus I have many specimens I never even considered such as the NWA 791, Nininger Brick and Uruacu.

I realize that I was extremely fortunate this year but I don't have high expectations for the coming year, I think I'll be lucky to add 2-3 new spheres to my collection.

You can check out my collection at: http://home.ec.rr.com/bobadebt/50mil.htm

I added new history pages to my web site, to access the history of any sphere just click on it's title.

I also updated my For Sale section and added a new Zag page, this is a beautiful H3-H6. I have some very large slices and my price per gram is very reasonable. I will be sending a rough to my sphere maker this week and I'll post images once it's done

Here is a picture of the whole collection


TOP ROW - Seymchan / Campo / Gibeon / Brahin / Toluca / Uruacu / Dronino

CENTER ROW - NWA 2828 / NWA 869 / NWA 791 / Dinosaur Bone / Gao / Dhofar 1289

BOTTOM ROW - Libyan Glass / Guang Dong Tektite / Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule / Black Onaping / Nininger Museum Wall Brick

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