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Strewn field info on the web need help

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I am hoping that some of you Meteorite Pro's :bowdown: can lead me into the right direction for more reserch on Strewn fields, Or Distribution Ellipse. I am reserching an area and would like to understand more about how the fields are distributed. The Book Rocks from space is pretty vague :Huh_anim]: .

Thanks in advance


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page 52 of Norton's Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites has a good expanation, but there isn't much to know... The masses break up and land in an elliptical pattern with bigger pieces traveling farther due to inertia. Some pieces land outside the pattern and we call those flyers. Some strewn fields can be 6 to 10 miles long and only 1/2 a mile wide with 3 or 4 fragments.


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The Portales Valley recrystallized H6 Chondrite had a fall pattern that was just the opposite, the bigger pieces fell out first and the small pieces went farther down range.


I would think that each meteoroid would dictate its own pattern depending upon how it breaks up and its angle of entry. There does not seem to be a set of rules to follow in trying to determine a distribution pattern that would cover all meteorites. The elliptical pattern is by far the most recognized feature of meteoroids that break up into hundreds or thousands of pieces. Some fields have been mapped to contain very few pieces and the distribution to be in a fairly straight line along the direction of travel. The make up of the meteor is also a determining factor.

Just my :twocents: IMHO


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