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Best find in a long time for me today

lotsa luck

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Yeah, Bill, I hate to see them killed for any reason, they are getting rare. Here are some pics of the one that used to live under the Opry House at Stanton, He ocasionally had to be urged to leave the pool room in the summer, his evil

hissing dursturbed the bank shots. Also a pic of the opry house before they made a fancy R/V park out of Stanton.


There is a dead one on the highway by my house....Hate seeing that. Sounds like you had a good day for sure.





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I know those critters are poisenous, but just how toxic is the venom? Can it kill a human..Dog or just small critter they eat?

El Dorado & All

Keep in mind that although this Lizard may look lethargic and move quite slowly, it can swap ends in the blink of an eye. Many years ago on lunch break at the COD silver mine outside Kingman, Az., my mine helper decided to touch the tail of one that frequented a stack of mine timber. It swapped ends and had him by the side of the hand before he knew what happened. He was swinging that lizard around in the air and screaming "get it off", :woohoo: took the hoistman and I about 5 minutes to pry the darn thing off his hand. I drove Pete to the doctors office and after a little probing of the bite, he took a couple tooth fragments from the puncture, sterilized the area and applied a gauze and wrapping. Pete showed up for work the next day with a slightly swollen hand and a whole lot of respect for our local Monster. Couple years later, Pete fell off the work deck while sinking shaft in Superior, Ariz., and was killed instantly. His wife always mentioned the lizard story to me every time I saw her.

The Gila Monster venom is about as toxic as the Western Diamond Back, however a very small amount of venom is received from a bite. The Gila Monster has a tendency to bite and hang on, all the while munching at the same time, the venom is transferred along groves in the lower teeth, you can receive a larger dose of the venom in this manner. It is wise to pry the jaws open and remove the beaded purse as quickly as possible, you are going to suffer tremendous pain and will probably be quite nauseated to down right sick. No human deaths have been recorded from a Gila Monster bite that I am aware of.


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Most of the deaths resulting from Gila monster bites are actually not from the venom, but from their highly unsanitary mouths. The gila mouth harbors a bunch of disgusting bacteria because they usually eat dead animals. The people that died did not seek treatment as far as I know, and died from infections.

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All other critters are scared of a Gila Monster I was watching a coyote one day with his nose to the ground following a rabbit trail through some cactus when he came face to face with one! The coyote leaped in to the air and came down side ways in a cactus patch and did not waste time leaving the scene! The one at Stanton would lay behind the door and wait for a mouse to run into his mouth, he was always very reluctant to leave the old hotel but never bit anyone that I knew off. I have saw a rattle snake give right of way to one too.

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