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Goldstudmuffins Bear Gun

John B.

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Hi All

Old Lovable Goldstudmuffin Russ showed me his 44 Magnum caliber bear gun today :hmmmmmm: . I was looking at it and out of curiosity asked him why the front gun sight was filed off :confused0013: ?? Russ's reply was :ROFL: . It wont hurt as bad when the bear takes it away from him and shoves it up his Ass :laught16: :laught16: !! I can't wait to see his snake gun :shrug: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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That's pretty funny Spanky .. er John B... but remember that old saying, "He who laughs last laughs best."

I have a feeling there is more to this story than an old nickel and a filed off gunsight.

Perhaps Goldstudmuffin will chime in with the rest of the story.

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Apparently not! lol!

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