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Hi All,

I have been busy at my main site...

I got a lot more work to do and stuff to replace that isn't there yet, but these things take several days to get finished..... Store will also be redone and indicate stock so no more waiting on *%@#$ back orders. Man that has caused me allot of greif..... This online store stuff can be a real pain, but I may have a better system figured out now. :tisc-tisc: I am also writing some new articles...

If you have been to my main site lately you have seen some changes and one of the neat things is that the main image at the front page rotates...So far it only has two good photos, but I am looking for more of folks detecting. Not gold photos, but you finding gold photos...

Anyway right now I have Mike C. and Leigh W. all famous and smiling at the world soooooo if ya want to share your beeping mug send me your best side and I'll see about fitting it in.

Each time the page refreshes a new photo pops up...

Please post them here and I'll crop them to fit.


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G'Day Bill and Don

First off, Don... they are some mean snake gaters! I think if I was in your neck of the woods, they would reach my neck!! Great pics!

Now Bill, nothing special, but if you can use it, go for it. Hey Don, like the hat??




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Morning Johnno....yep sure do love that "head shade"...if the brim was just a bit wider you could

beep naked in the shade.... :Huh_anim]:

Hi Denny...clicked your pic and immediately started looking for the bells and pepper

spray... :laught16:

Glad your back old timer Bill...now you've been over the hill and back...TWICE....

For those of you that's interested in trivia...the pics of me above sitting and standing on top

of a rock pile is where the 436 gramer came out of...also in the pic with the pistol...in the

pics of me sitting there's a long with thing in the back ground...that' not a pair of bloomers

but instead it's a hornet nest....about an hour after the pic was taken the hornets (10)

or so paid me a visit...on my head...shoulders...and back....

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Thanks guys all 4 of ya are now famous ceptin two of you are too shy to show your face :laught16:

Keep them coming and one more time They have to be 640 x 480 pixels or bigger for me to size them to fit in my script.


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Hi Bill,

Your home looks good. Almost any free picture editor will allow you to resize the photo's.


Yup I know that, but if thet are too small they look like crap when I blow them up to fit my format.

Bigger is better for me to resize....


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G'Day All

Don, I might be able to extend that brim, good idea. Oh by the way, where did you get those stove pipes? Great snake protectors! Are they galvanized :laught16: or did you steal them off of the Tin Man?? :laught16::laught16::laught16: from the Wizard of Oz. You do look like a knight in shining armor.

Fred, that's a nice hole you dug, but I did not hear the story. I want to see the inch and a quarter dry wall screw you found at the bottom of the hole! :laught16::laught16:



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Just saw, after renting the "Tin Man" last week....good flick.....been hit three times with the

leg protectors on....good thing too...in the desert you can usually see the snake or most of the

time hear it....but not here in all this vegiatation....in fact a couple of species here will actually

come after you.....

Fred...I was wondering the same thing....just what on earth was in that hole that you found with

a "little" detector there by the hole?...I know a man that about twenty years or so ago quit

making payments on his motor home so the day the "repo" people were coming to his place

he hired a backhoe to dig a big hole and he buried the motor home in that hole...in the middle

of the road going into his property....did your hole have a "Winnebago" in it?... :laught16:

So you want faces huh Bill?....this will change your mind ... :yikes:


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