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Definitely got some new appeal going on there B :smrt1: ill!

At first I also thought I had been transferred to an unknown website. Nice job!! :whoopie:


Stan aka Kaimi

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Glad to have you back Bill! We missed your regular contributions and your wit ... it's a little dry sometimes ... you would make a Northern New Englander because of that.

I know you were in the background but nothing like having you on the front lines with the rest of us.

Looking forward to a few nuggets posted by you soon! Yes?


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Great look Bill.......

No more current gold price?.....or am I being impatient again??

Good luck on figuring who's mug to put up there..........we're ALL special right?? :rofl2: :rofl2:

Kewl Bill, thanks...... ~wyld~

I can put up as many as I want 100s of you if need be the more the better to give folks an idea what we do. The photo changes on it's own each time someone visits my site... So everyone that gives me a photo will have it displayed 1000s of times over the coming months....

Try refreshing the page while at my site and the photo will be different....

yes you are being impatient on the gold price..... :wink2:


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