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Hot Shots, Helicopters and Firemen

John B.

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Hi All

I hope all our friends in California are passed up by the fires raging on :innocent0002: . If it burnt a few inches off Sheps beard that would be OK though :laught16::laught16: ! Seriously I hope all of you prospecting people are spared from losses and are safe :woohoo: !! Just let the tree huggers burn though :whoopie: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Not many trees left in burn area here; sending them (tree-huggers) to Az to hug the cactus! Enough move in and your chiggers will be on the endangered species list!

and beard is safe

Just me, Shep

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Yes reading about the dead fire fighter is a real bummer I feel so bad for thier family's. One thing I learned when I lived in that area those is that those people are truly treated like heroes. Thier family's will be treated right and will not be left alone.

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