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Map & Compass?? or GPS??


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Hello All....

Well, a couple of hours ago, Ahmadinejad said he will not stop enriching uranium...despite sanction threats...

So; I got to thinking....hmmmmm

Missle tests of SHAHAB III....

Detonation in upper atmosphere....

Launched from a ship........(they have shitloads of ground launchers).......Why??

I'm thinking....possible EMP "dry run"....

Which got me to thinking about GPS; or Map and Compass??

Those who have only marked those "good" spots with GPS, may want to consider taking a map orienteering and

compass reading course....for those times when batteries fail, or loose connections happen, or the canopy of those trees

in the forest block that sat signal, or ya know; some al-Qeida frieghter,(they own like 80 ) off one of the coasts of the

U.S., decides to peel back the deck and BANG......liftoff

I'm going map and compass..............AND GPS..........I guess


~wyld~ my :twocents:

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Boy Scouts prepared me a loooong time ago to "Be Prepared". So I usually mark my spots with the gps first and then I usually take my own notes for later when I get home. I then mark them on my map along with my notes about terrain, nearby landmarks, etc.

Yes, I have been known to carry a shitload of batteries in my backpack BUT lately they have been replaced with WATER. :innocent0009:

Aloha and Be Safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Guys,

I don't think I have ever been out in the "wilderness" with just my GPS. I always carry a compass and a map of any areas I am not intimately familiar with. Carry extra batteries too but knowing how to run by the compass and the GPS is the only way to travel if you go electronically as the primary aid. A good compass and the knowledge of how to operate it will get you back to the road your truck is on if not right back to the truck.

And if you don't want to carry the 'extra wieght' of a compass and you wear a dial faced watch you can find SOUTH very easily. Here's how: Point the HOUR hand (that is the small one) at the sun. Then split the diference between the hour and 12 on the watch face. For example if the hour hand is pointing at 8 and the direction of the sun, half the distance to 12 o'clock is 10 o'clock. Therefore 10 o'clock is pointing SOUTH. Don't forget that if you are in a daylight saving zone you have to adjust back one hour during daylight savings periods. In the example above you would then point 7 o'clock at the sun and find south halfway between the 9 and the 10 on the watch. Try it a few times. It really is easy to do once you have practiced.


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Search and rescue just brought a party of 23 out of the

Grand Staircase Monument this morning. Several vehicles

in the group and a bunch of little kids. They were following

the map on their GPS unit. The road that the map showed as

a good through road ,actually was a washed out dead end

road. Instead of turning around,they trusted the GPS and

went until one got stuck and the others ran out of gas.

A cell phone is all that saved them,and that was pure luck.

Most places there ,you can't get phone service. Some of them

hiked a long ways to get service. It was just a freak thing

that they even got a signal then. All the kids are sick from

the heat and were darn lucky that help made it in time.

People rely too much on gadgets,and not enough on common

sense. :twocents:

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Hi Sawmill,

I certainly second that statement about common sense. The more I teach hunter ed for the NH F&G the more I find that adults(so called only because of chronilogical age) and kids alike have little to no common sense. I know it is a learned trait but no a days it sure seems to be lacking. And some of my frustration is that I grew up in the woods and learned at an early age to be prepared ... I wasn't even a boy scout! Another part may be that I am getting older and opinioned! ... I'll be 60 years young in February.

A short story scenario to go along with yours ... The NH F&G warden service is in charge of rescues in NH. They are about to start to charge the idiots that climb Mt Washington (known to have some of the worst weather on the top of any mountain in the world) and other NH peaks with no preparation for bad weather or emergencies. The base of Mt Washington in mid summer may be at 75 degrees so they take off hiking in sneakers, shorts or light cotton pants and a light shirt or sweat shirt ... when they reach the tree line and the snow is flying they sit down with their teeth chattering and call the rescue service to come get them. They think they have an emergency! More like stupidity. Point here is they relied on the cell phone as their one and only emergency preparedness! How's that for common sense? :grrr01:


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I totally agree! I think it's a very good idea to always carry an Atlas and Gazetteer for whatever state your in along with with a compas. Even though I use my GPS most of the time I find myself referring to my Atlas alot because the maps loaded into GPS' aren't always the most accurate. Heck I've seen major freeways missing on my mine! The same goes for maps too because they aren't always the most accurate, though with a little bit of common sense you'll always know where your at.

It's also a very good iea to plan your trips out ahead of time. I'll do this using topographic mapping software, my GPS, and Google Earth. I'll mark coordinates in my software, upload those coords to my GPS, then print custom topographic maps for the areas I want to check out with waypoints marked on the them. Google Earth is very good to get an idea of what the terrain looks like BEFORE heading out. Familiarizing yourself with the terrain before hand always helps.

When using your GPS always bring LOTS of fresh batteries. On average I'll go through two AA batteries in one day. Since I use my GPS so much, I ended up buying rechargable LI-Ion batteries and I charge them up everytime before heading out. Doing this ensures fresh batteries all the time. A couple more things you can do with a GPS that helps a lot- If your GPS has WAAS capabilities, turn it on, this makes it more accurate. Also run a track log so you can back track if you have to.

One last thing I think has to be mentioned- Having a GPS and maps will all be worthless if you don't know how to read and interpret what they are telling you. If you don't know how to read topo maps or your clueless about what you GPS is telling you, you better learn how because this can get you into big trouble!


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Ah ... Del ... Ah ... where did you say that "on" button was? :laught16:

All kidding aside, being lost in the desert or top of a mountain in extreme, or even not so extreme, weather will kill you in short order if all you do is go round in circles. Before long panic sets in, clothes come off and you "run" out of life like a crazy man .... because at that point you are!

I like being this side of the turf ... green side at my feet blue sky at my head!

Safe trails to all,


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Hey Folks...........

Well, I started this thread out with the possible " EMP threat scenario", as a possibility for a power-grid failure...But, as others here have posted, there could be an untold amount of reasons that your GPS might fail you...

Man has been using the map & compass in Marine Navigation for the longest; nevertheless, without them, there would probably be no Land Navigation as we currently call it...

Without them, you wouldn't know where you live....think about it....you wouldn't have an address...

You wouldn't know where any other "huts" were either...

I wasn't trying to get people as interested in search and rescue classes, or GPS education classes.....

As I was in having people learn how to transfer those GPS coords that they have been logging, into map grid waypoints...

Something that will help is understanding about " LOPs ", AKA...{lines of position}

Where two LOPs cross, is called a" fixed " position.........................(from my pirate days)

If you'd like to do that transfer using the "Columbus" method (lol), try these links.............

One is for the "Waypointer"......a "must" tool for the mapreader.

The link will take you to the explanation page........

Then click HOME.....

Then click Waypointer Scale in left column......... http://www.gpsscales.com/chapter2.htm

Good luck 2 all............and thanks for all of the replies


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The American Indians didn't have a compass. If I remember my

history, they used to guide the compass guys. They had an address

and managed to find other huts . :laught16:

Eskimo's didn't have a compass either. They can travel hundreds of

miles in ice and snow and zero in on a hut ,in a blizzard,in the dark. :hmmmmmm:

I think at one time everyone had those instincts,but it kinda got lost

over the years. Actually if you read the history,several of those old

world sailors were lost and off course ,some by a country or two,

when they finally spotted land. :rofl2:

But since most of us can't remember where we laid our glasses

last,and ain't up to exploring new worlds. A decent compass and

a good map can save a lot of trouble,and get you back to your

spots. Also a GPS when used right is one heck of a tool .

Back before computers and GPS ,we were always losing our mines.

Darn critters and birds can't resist a bread crumb trail. :grrr01:

Just think about it,nearly every other old mining story is about a

lost mine. :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL:

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Now ya done went and got me all concerned bout ya again. Ya seem to be a bit on the skeered side bout them world affairs.

I ain't no shrink or nothing, but I'm a think'n ya be spend'n too much time watch'n them news channels.

What the hell were you talk'n bout blow'n stuff up and gitt'n lost in the desert? :grrr01:


"stuck in deming think'n gold"

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Now ya done went and got me all concerned bout ya again. Ya seem to be a bit on the skeered side bout them world affairs.

I ain't no shrink or nothing, but I'm a think'n ya be spend'n too much time watch'n them news channels.

What the hell were you talk'n bout blow'n stuff up and gitt'n lost in the desert? :grrr01:


"stuck in deming think'n gold"

Nope Bill........just don't believe in keepin' my money in the bank....jus' want to member wheren' I put it..thas'all...

got all the skeered crap out in Saigon BB.....

thanks for being all concerned tho..........~wyld~

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Almost forgot BillyBob.....

check out the Hadron Collider, or the Atlas computer, or "red button day"...

not to get "a skeered", but to be aware of whats going on OFF the t.v. bud...

"don't worry, be happy".....................~wyld~

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