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Hot darn guys, that was one heck of a thread on them rattlesnakes. I ain't been a member that long, but when ya mention "kill", here comes people climbing out from under rocks, outta the wood sheds and out from under that old pick'em up truck just to make a point. I seen a sad side, by attitude. I seen a good side, by experience. I seen a learning side, by knowledge. All in all, I have learned more about rattlers than I had expected or would ever want to learn. The way I see it, we got some of the most knowledgeable, experienced old prospectors with an attitude that I ever seen. What a bunch of wonderful people to have in one room all at the same time.

Even though there is still no clear answer to the question, kill or not to kill, my future encounters with snakes will be looked upon with a different prospective.

Thanks to all


"stuck in deming"

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Years ago when I drove truck in the oil patch there were STANDING orders regarding rattlers . Whatever you are doing , no matter what , if you saw one you KILLED it . Anyone that has worked in the patch knows what a "dead man" is . When a hand is pulling a guide wire to hook it to the dead man he will usually walk backwards much of the time so as to get it tight and such . It is very easy to step on a rattler . Suprises like that SUCK . The lost time was easier absorbed than a snake bit hand on the job .

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