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newbie prosector with sore shoulder


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Hello everyone.

Just found this forum recently and my interest in prospecting too.

I have a habit of just jumping in to whatever I am interested in.

I just purchased a DFX 300 detector, pans and a few books.

I live in the North East so we have access to mountains, rivers and beaches

withing an hour or two from each other

Saturday I gathered my things and went to a river that I thought had potential.

I used the detector & pans and only found a Penny (which I later lost) and some

fools gold.(it fooled me) :woohoo:

I then started for the beach and spent a few hours there (found 1 quarter 2 dimes 1 nickel and a penny.

There were 3 other people on the beach doing the same thing.

One wanted to see how much my detector weighted.

I got up again this morning and tried the beach thing again with no luck.

OK ...... now my shoulder and thighs are killing me... :icon_mrgreen:

This is hard work :Huh_anim]:

I have to say thought that yesterday and today I had conversations with at least 20 people that just

wanted to know” if I found anything good, had a story to tell or just questions in general.

Soooooooo...... maybe I didn't find anything solid to bring back but I had some good conversation.

I will read up, research and wait for the next opportunity to do it again

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Perseverance pays. No matter how bad the day before was, always approach this one with a positive attitude and you'll do great. Can't stress enough the importance of research, either. If you're going to spend the time to detect, might as well do it in an area with a higher potential. Good Luck.


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Don't forget! your doing it for fun. If you relax and enjoy the nickels you find (cause it is pretty neat to find stuff no one else can find) then you will eventually come onto something that will be of value as some say. However what you did yesterday taught you alot and you started down the road of gaining "field experience" Now sit back read some intresting posts on this forum add the knowledge you pick up to what you learned and then repeat the process. It's fun don't get frustrated. :icon_mrgreen:

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Hi Gold and welcome to a great hobby....sounds like you have a lot of different aspects of beeping

close at hand...that's great....a thought to help with the sore muscles and aching back is look at the

Nugget Shooter store here on this forum and get yourself a "hipstick"...it's nothing short of fantastic.

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Hey Gold, welcome to the forum. Speaking as someone who already has gone through the rotator cuff surgery, physical therapy and now basically back to normal --- take Garimpo's advice early on. He speaks the truth. Get a Hipstick. They come in 3 sizes. Make sure you get the one that fits your particular anatomy. After that, if put to use, you should not have any significant shoulder ouchies.

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