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questionable finds?


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Went out Saturday, with a friend to detect in the Mariposa area. First, let me say, the ground cover is way too thick in all the surrounding areas and needs to be removed, but hopefully without hurting anyone. Heard today, several homes have been lost and condolenses goes to those.

Back to subject, got skunked! Rather warm in this area; hunting at first daylight till about noon.

Today (Sunday) got up and checked Internet reports on fire. Went out and unloaded truck, put battery on charger, cleaned out trash bag (of pieces of rust, boot tacks and nails) and remembered I had put a questionable target in my jar. Took it out, still wasn't attracted to magnet, still signalled on detector and was still black. Put it in Muratic acid, didn't boil away. After awhile, pulled it out and washed it down. Most of the black was gone, but still couldn't see any gold, until put under a magnifying glass! Gold is there! The pic below won't show it as the majority of weight is mother rock and a bit of purple quartz.

My camera won't show it and am thinking of getting a professional (with macro lens and reference coin) to take a pic of it. The detector was a 4000 (4500 is in on 'recall'), with the NF 6x9 mono. This detector was just sent to Minelab for a checkout and a mod before it goes up for sale (can't afford the to keep the 4000 as a backup). Not saying this machine will pick up JohnB's invisible gold, but I am impressed!



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