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Heavy metals

Guest Potholes Bob-NM

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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

All this fuss about heavy metals(like gold) being bad for you is a crock, sort of like" global warming:!

Hey, I worked for twenty years in the Electronic Instrument Calibration and Repair lab

( Metrology Dept.) at General Dynamics/Convair, in San Diego, and in the back of the lab,

we had the " lab dummy" doing(never really knew what the hell exactly what he did!) something

where he was always had melting lead in this big pot, and those heavy metal fumes were

constantly present floating between the ceiling and the floor, like a big dirty fog! :innocent0009:

Our Lab engineer. and supervisor, happened to hold a degree in chemistry, but he never said a

word about this situation, as he was a good "Company Man", and after all, we wuz only Union


Of course, he worked in the main office, far removed from the lab! :laught16:

One day, with a hand kerchief over my mouth, to muffle my voice,( Since I was a volunteer CIA operative, and Technical Dept. contributor, this was right up my alley LOL!) I called up the OSHA US

Govt. Safety Dept.

and ratted on my boss,( he was a F/C A.H, and SOB, any way!) and in no time,OSHA was all over the

place, and closed down the operation!

Well, this stuff is supposed to kill brain cells, but all of uze guys what know me Know that it had

absolutely no effect on me at all....right? eh eh eh!

Potholes Bob

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