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Hey All, I've been lurking around a few forums for awhile and decided your corner of the .net looked the most inviting. A little about me: 41 yrs old and living in SoCal (Thousand Oaks). Not new to detecting, owned bounty hunter in the early 80's, Whites 4000, Whites 6000D and am currently stuck with only the ex wifes Whites Quantum II. Originally from the midwest and metal detected mainly because I've been collecting coins since I was about 8, never been nugget shooting but want to get out and kick around a bit. I'm obviously in need of a new machine so I've been looking at the Minelab X-Terra 70 for a starter nugget finder. Being in SoCal now I'll obviously want to hit a few beaches etc also. I was contemplating the Explorer SE Pro but it doesn't sound as good for the nugget side of things and I'm reading horror stories of figuring the thing out.

If anyone has any thoughts for a newbie in your community I'd appreciate hearing them. I'll also be looking for a club to join, hunting partners etc. I have 1 buddy that has an old Whites 4000 (hoping to talk him into an upgrade also) and another with a dredge and I'll probably pick up a couple of pans next week so I'm open to pretty much any kind of gold adventure although detecting is my primary interest (until convinced otherwise).

Oh yeah, forgot to mention...the username...yes my last name is Luckey :)

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention...the username...yes my last name is Luckey :)

With a name like Luckey, I would think your user name would be LuckyLuckey

I guess I've been here long enough to say "Welcome Luckey".


"stuck in deming"

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Hi Luckey

Now the Explorer SE Pro is a good coin hunter but you should talk to Bill Southern that has this forum on what be best for you.I have the Explorer SE and the only thing that makes it a Pro is the coil.

Just for everybody info Lost Treasure is giving away a Explorer SE Pro this coming month.Luckey if your truly lucky just maybe you could win it.

There is a song that Roy Clark put out and the name was Thank God and Grey Hound She's gone.

Glad to have you here and you take care.

Chuck Anders

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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you got into metal detecting as a teenager in the early 80's and now want to ramp up. That means you already know the basic drills. The biggest difference is that there is not as much silver coin to be found at the beaches any more. Unless, of course, a real "frog strangler" tears through and leaves a ten foot cut behind. But those glory moments are measured in years or even decades. Plenty of gold rings and such, though. We have some world class beach and park detectorists in the Prospectors' Club of Southern California to learn from and quite a few very active beach and park goers to buddy up with. For $30 a year, there's a thought for you. As for beach equipment, I stick with some of the tried and true older models and still get my share. I'm sure there are some newer detectors that others can better fill you in on. Mostly my thing these days is natural gold, but I still occasionally get down to the beaches. Best of luck to you and your re-interest in metal detecting.

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FYI In case my first post was too wordy and my intent was lost in all that:

My main goal is to get into the world of hunting for raw gold, first and foremost by metal detecting!

Thanks for the kind welcome and words so far fellas.

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