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Gary Foote Recovery Auction

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Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this auction is to raise money for our meteorite friends, Gary and C.J. Foote. Gary was diagnosed with advanced-stage prostate cancer earlier this year. He had a prostatectomy in April and has had several complications and an additional surgery since then. Their family needs help to make it through this incredibly hard time so please give generously by bidding on the items in our auction. This is one time where anything you do, no matter how small, will help them.

I am still waiting for pictures of two items but that's not going to stop me from starting what I'm calling a silent auction. Auctions for nine items will start tonight at 7:00 PM PST and will run for seven days. The balance of the items will start tomorrow at 7:00 PM PST and those auctions will also run for seven days. Ending dates and times for each item can be found on each item's respective page. The auction ending times are staggered by 15 minutes to allow all bids to be recorded prior to the items closing.

You'll see what I mean when you visit the website and click on what you want to bid on: http://meteoriteimpact.com/footeauction.htm.

Some really spectacular items have been donated!:

- An original oil on canvas depiction of the Tagish Lake fall by Jerry Armstrong

- A serial numbered Nininger/Canyon Diablo coin that is #9 of only 10 that exist

- A 167.2 Bassikounou fragment that has beautiful crust and the broken edge shows the fresh interior and two impact melt areas

- Two Carancas fragments -- one has a visible clast

- A 91.2 gram Vaca Muerta individual

- An oriented NWA 869 with frothy bubbles

- "The World of Metorites from A to Z" poster by Sarah Kenndy of Jensen Scientifics and Geoff Notkin

- HH's copy of a SCIENCE magazine from 1961

- Bricks from the Nininger Museum

- NWA 4766 Mars box made by Chladni's Heirs

And there's even more than that! :coffeetime: See everything at http://meteoriteimpact.com/footeauction.htm

Bid on an item by email to me at dragonsoup@msn.com or by telephone to (928) 567-6558. All bids will be recorded in the order in which I receive them. Telephone bids take priority over email bids so if you think there's a chance your email bid won't make it to me by the close of the auction please call me.

Hopefully, all of your questions will be answered on the website but if you have any others, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The website will be updated with the high bids by 7:00 pm PST each day the auction is running at http://meteoriteimpact.com/Highbids.htm.

Pleasant and respectful bidders only, please.

Thanks! :bowdown:



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