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Potato Patch on Rich Hill Being Sold

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Yo All...I just got this from Terry Soloman, the guy involved in buying the claims, Cheers, Unc:

ArizonaGoldAdventures.com to purchase four

“Potato Patch” Gold Claims on Rich Hill, AZ.

White Plains, NY – ArizonaGoldAdventures.com, announced today it has agreed to purchase a total of four gold claims located in the “Potato Patch” area, at the top of Rich Hill, in the gold-rich Weaver Mountains near Congress, Arizona.

“If you are a placer gold miner looking for large nuggets consistently,” said Terry Soloman, Chief Operating Officer of ArizonaGoldAdventures.com, “there are only three places in the United States to find them. Alaska, California, and Rich Hill, Arizona.”

Catherine Noonan, C.E.O. of ArizonaGoldAdventures.com remarked, “This is a major commitment by ArizonaGoldAdventures.com, not only to our adventure travel clients and the quality of their gold mining holidays and vacations, but also to the other major claim holders on Rich Hill.

“We intend to work closely with the 24 Karat Gold Hunters, the Gold Prospectors Association of America, the Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association and the Phoenix Roadrunners Prospecting Association, to protect and preserve this national landmark, and at the same time, promote the incredible Arizona gold rush history Rich Hill represents and continues to make to this day,” said Ms. Noonan.

ArizonaGoldAdventures.com, was founded by Catherine Noonan, owner of Catherine’s Afternoon Tea LLC, in 2007. Its corporate office is located in White Plains, New York. ArizonaGoldAdventures.com operates all-inclusive less airfare gold mining vacations in the Weaver, and Bradshaw mountains of Arizona, as well as “Gold Prospecting Daycations,” for local Arizonans. The company has been featured nationally on BUSINESSWEEK TV, and was chosen as a “Top 20 Wild West Adventure,” by the London Observer. -- ###

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Well some things never change. Rich Hill has been able to suck money out of dreamers from New York for well over 100 years. It is kinda sad though the dreams are big and exciting in the beginning and in the end resentment and disapointment. :coffeetime:

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Uncle Ron,

Did they say how much the claims were bought for ?

I bet those vacations & holidays are expensive.......maybe they will put a 5 star restrant & lodge with a heliopad on the top of the hill :laught16: :coffeetime:

Or pave the road into Stanton, so the elite won't spill there coffee driving in :innocent0009:


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WOW--maybe a spa--jacuzzi---literary society meetings--facials--pedicures--refine the potato patch to NEW YORK CITY standards-YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry-smiley-010: John

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I spoke with a very a good friend today that is "In the know" about this supposed transaction. Appearantly no money has changed hands or materialized at this point. You know how these things go, just have to wait and see. These are just BLM claims and not the "Potato Patch patented claims" However some may but upto the "Potato Patch patent".

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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

"Never give a sucker an even break!"........Who was it who said that?

Check One

PT Barnum

WC Fields

Richard Nixen

Barack Obama

All of the above

Bob :laught16:

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Personally, I think it's a cool concept. They don't seem to be making any misleading claims...they are simply stating that you will be able to hunt a historically productive gold producing claim, receive some training, use their equipment while staying in some luxury accomodations. I didn't see any promises that you will be finding gold. Some of us aren't lucky enough to live in areas with gold or know where to look. You guys more than anyone should be able to identify with the lure of finding REAL GOLD! :icon_mrgreen: Hell, I sometimes am amazed that people fly thousands of miles to wiggle their toes in our sandy beaches or lie in our sun! Then I come to my senses and realize...that's why I live here too! :) I've paid to spend a week at Moore Creek for 4 years now and have seen some visitors who are content after finding a single nugget. After that, they just sit back and enjoy the view...

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  • 12 years later...

Hey ya all.

Yes this is a great place to go looking for gold ! And sure there are many finds left there however Gold Then Money.

This new purchase is I hope not going to ruin this preserve but allow prospectorsto be able to stay and prospect not just pay here zoo!.

Sad many just need the money right now.

But we all know enjoyment 😉 cant take it with us when we leave boo Goverment.

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