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refined gold

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A friend of mine in Idaho spent the last year building a lab to refine gold. Well he got it going and is producing medical grade gold, 6 9's,but he has found it is hard to sell it on the market.

anyone know a good source for selling medical grade gold.

Allen in MT

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Allen, from what I have learned on this and other forums, unless there is some certificate of purity, most places would buy from "approved" sources


is a link to the gold refining forum that has several knowledgeable people that might help more that other sources.

Some of the folks like me are very new to the forum and ask beginner question. Harold and several others might have a better understanding of what is needed.

Hope this helps, Wyndham

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Allen, it would help if he has his own bench-mark for six nines. If that is the case, he can be paid for that level of purity, if not, most refiners will treat it as a dore' bar and only pay on gold weight after doing their own assay, which they will charge for. Bottom line, he'd be better off getting the bench-mark instead of taking a hit after going thru all that work and R&D. If he gets the six-nine bench mark, he can bypass all refiners and go to the source.


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Guest Potholes Bob-NM

Do they still use gold for treating joint inflamation, or does lead kill you even quicker?

Heavy Metals Forever!

Potholes :woohoo:

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