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how would you go about cleaning a nugget ? mainly getting the black "iron" ? out of it. this is a nice 1/2 oz but ugly black

i have tried clr,limeaway,soap,viniger,,toothpast and brush and some kind of acid all to no avail any suggestions

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Hi Isitluck

The best way to clean nuggets is and ultrasonic cleaner and majic green cleaner. However it won't remove the ironstone matrix. It will brighten and take off ironstaining off the exposed gold. Many people like clean gold or gold in white quartz but there are collectors who just like gold in it's natural host rock as found in nature. I personaly like gold in ironstone and have many pieces I've found downunder and other areas and think they are cool. I guess it's a personal preference thing. I'm certain there are acids that will remove the stained quartz or ironstone but you might end up with lots of crumbs instead of a solid nugget. I as well have ruined more than my share of nuggets with acid. If all else failes use HF (Hydro floric )very cautiously because it's real dangerous stuff. Happy Huntin John B.

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Isitluck, I have been using a product called WHINK. ITS A RUST AND STAIN REMOVER THAT HAS 1-1.5 % HF ACID.in it. I've only found it at Ace Hardware stores. I had some really brown to black stained nuggets that I found in Alaska a few years back and they cleaned up nicely. I had to soak them in whink for 5 to 6 weeks to get them really clean with very little loss of gold from the nuggets.


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