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To Enhance or not? GPX-4500....


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Does the new enhance timing feature on the 4500 degrade from its "punching power"? Should I run it in Normal mode if the ground allows it?

Also I noticed when I ran it in Normal on some really hot ground (bright red dirt) it would sometimes not ground balance, or take a really long time to do so. In these conditions I would switch it into Enhanced and it would balance almost immediately. Anyone else notice this?


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G'day DigDeep, Enhance removes the vast majority of ground noise, however it also removes some percentage of a good signal as well so is only recommended to be used in areas of high mineralisation where ground noise would normally mask signals. Enhance can also be used as a hot rock checker or even a ground noise checker if you like in areas of less mineralisation where the odd hot rock or ground noise is encountered that sounds off very loud compared to the rest of the ground. The best way to do this is to detect in Normal timings then switch to Enhance when you encounter a questionable response to make an informed decision on digging or not, this can and does save a lot of fruitless digging keeping you fresh to cover more ground and keep concentration levels up.

If detecting in Normal timings you can easily use the Tracking feature, then by triggering the Quick Trak a few times you can force the GB to speed up and get to a balanced point much quicker rather than only going at the speed the detector is set in, sometimes a loud or big difference in GB can cause the GB to pause which is why it doesn't seem to be balancing.

Our new DVD on the GPX-4500 is about to hit America so check in with Bill Southern for a copy, in the video I have a section on the forced GB and also some other tips especially for American conditions.

Hope this helps,


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