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Lost Spanish gold mine


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Hey All

A lot of you know about the lost mine we been looking for in Mexico. On are last trip some months back as we was heading back to camp my son spotted what turn out to be Apache tears. Now the region we are in it's a none mineralize area. So the question, is it possible that Apache tears could be in an none mineralize area?

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"is it possible that Apache tears could be in an none mineralize area?"

Azaware, there's a place at Silver Peak where the Apache tears are in a volcanic (I think)matrix. It has a white frothy mineral like spun glass or volcanic ash with the AP globs inside. Nearby are the silvermines that Silver Peak is know for as well as nearby Death Valley.

I would guess it's a highly mineralized area unless they washed down hill like float sometimes is.

It's just a guess, Wyndham

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Hmmm........I don't think I've ever seen a non mineralized area. Apache tears are of volcanic origin and volcanics are usually well mineralized. I guess one would need to know exactly which minerals you are looking for..... Bob

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When I was a kid, dad would take my brother and I down to an open-to-the-public mine, right on the outskirts of Superior where we paid a dollar each to fill our five gallon buckets with "apache tears" (obsidian). As you probably know, the area in and around Superior is filthy with copper mines. Those mines also produced smaller quantities of silver and gold. So, in amswer to your question, Look around, look closely. Anything is possible where there have been intrusions, faulting, and vulcanism.

Bueno Suerte, Ben

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