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First Monsoon Nugget of 2008

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Yo All...After last night's great monsoon, today dawned cloudy and cool...I was up and out the door...I off loaded my quad, enjoying the cool breeze and the smell of the wet desert...It's a good long ride to the spot I wanted to beep but the unusually low temperature, mid-70's, made it a real pleasure...Only bad thing is that lots of drone ants were flying and I was constantly pepperedd with them as I putted along...When I got to my spot, I decided to try out my brand new Nuggetfinder round 14" DD XP coil on my old baboo SD2100...This patch has lots of hot rocks and I wanted to see if the DD would ignore them...The breeze died down and the muggy air started getting a little uncomfortable...I was sweating like a pig after about 5 minutes of swinging...I was very pleased with the NF DD coil because it pretty much ignored the hot rocks...I got to an area of the patch where I'd done well before, finding nuggets on the bedrock about a foot or so deep...One area in particular I've hunted very hard with both the Nuggetfinder 14" Eliptical Mono coil and the Coiltek 17" Mono Wallaby...I really didn't expect a target because I'd hunted it so many times, but at the spot I've scoured before hardest I got a definite signal...Not loud, just a soft whisper that sounded like gold...The ground was almost muddy and as I dug down with my Hermit pick, for the first few inches the signal only got a little bit louder...I finally got through a foot of mud and hit dry dirt...The signal got really loud and when I hit the bedrock at about 15", the signal screamed...One more pull and it was out of the hole...I was pretty sure it was going to be gold... :headphones: ...And it Was!!! ... This beauty weighs in at 2.1 pennyweight....After sucking the dirt off and admiring it, I took some pix with my phone camera, playing around for some different shots...The little hedgehog cacti were in bloom so I set up a shot and, after taking it, I phone-mailed it to Dodacious...She called me right away...She thought I was sending her pornography :laught16: ... Anyhow, after another half hour of hunting I was drenched, and loaded up to head back to the truck...On the way back, I came across Mr. Tortise out for a stroll...I asked if he'd help carry my cargo...He kindly obliged... :whoopie: ... I sure hope it stays cool...I'm excited about the performance of the NF 14 R D and have several other patches that need working over...Here's pix from the field and the studio portraits...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah







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Its just down right funny how your old beat-up 2100 just keeps pumping out the gold. Nice nugget. The turtle is pretty awsume also.


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Very nice look'n cactus and that turtle is awesome. Where'd ya get that little nuggie....LOL.



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Thanks, Guys...Looks like the monsoons are ripping it up now...The roads and trails I follow out to these patches are getting pretty much destroyed...Have to build some rock crossings at some low spots...By the way, I want to congratulate the Ol' 29'er for getting out of confinement after 8 weeks or so...That's great! :whoopie: :whoopie: :whoopie: ...You'll be out gettin' blisters on the bedrock before long...WTG, Bob...Cheers, Unc

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