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Want to buy Gold Basin, Franconia Meteorites.

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Hey Ruben;

What is reasonable??? If I sold my few meteorites for the value of my time, expenses and a fair return on my capital I would need about $200 a gram...of course, the true worth of each little find cannot be appraised...as the ad states, Priceless!!!

good luck with whatever your enterprise is...


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Hi all,

I've received a lot of emails of people wanting to sell their material...Thanks! Some are priced just right. Some want more than I am willing to pay and some are just curious what a "resonable price" is. So here goes. I am putting together a meteorite "for sale" page on my web site. I have lots of meteorites, but to be honest don't really wanna sell too many of mine. Simply because a lot of meteorites in my collection are documented in a articles, videos, etc... and I think my kids might want them some day. Even though I will sell some of my meteorites I thought it would be better to buy from people that are not too attached to their space rocks. Now to answer what "a resonable price" is.... it is any price at which I can buy and re-sell for decent profit. (Don't ask me to define decent profit as that can change) After all, I am a business man as well as meteorite hunter....

Thanks again, and keep the emails coming!

Ruben Garcia

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Hi Ruben, I wish you all the best on acquiring some meteorites. If I ever find something you can't live without, I'd love to trade you for a slice of the Glorieta Mountain Pallasite. I'm not one to ruffle the feathers of the land owners there. Not that I'm afraid but just respectful. I have many years in the mountains, deserts and jungles, all around the world.

Your more than fare on your prices. My favorite is still the Gibeon you sold me for, I feel, way below market value. It's my favorite, next to my L'Aigle 4.769 gram slice.

I may leave the area in 2 or 3 years. At that time I will be most likely selling my collection. I'll be moving to a boat and the salt air is a devil to meteorites.

At present I have over 250 different fall's in my collection. Replacing the smaller pieces with larger ones as time permit's.

I'm getting over some surgery at present. I'll be back at it (hunting) in the Fall. :icon_mrgreen:

Best wishes my friend, jim "bones" Shorten :coffeetime: :outtahere:

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